Blasting Services

soda_blast final-before-after

Soda blasting or Sand Blasting is a non-destructive method for many applications in cleaning, paint stripping, industrial equipment maintenance, graffiti removal, masonry cleaning and restoration, soot remediation, boat hull cleaning and many other applications.

It can be used for cleaning timber, wood, oak beams, oak floors, doors, stairs & banisters, cars, boat hulls, masonry, and food processing equipment. Soda blasting can also be used to remove graffiti and to clean structural steel. Soda blasting is very effective for mould and fire/smoke damage cleanup as it cleans and deodorizes.

Soda blasting and Sand Blasting provides environmentally friendly, safe and fast way to clean or repair a variety of surfaces without using toxic chemicals.

Our Professionals will provide full information about both Soda Blasting and Sand blasting and advise you the best material and way for your structures and needs.