Painting & Decorating

Painting improves the aesthetic of a building and to protect it from damage by water, rust, corrosion, insects and mould.

We offer interior painting which will brighten up the look of your home or facilities and exterior painting which not only can renew the aesthetic of the property but also preserve and protect the outside structure.

Besides offering painting, decorating and a vast variety of wallpapering colours and fabric, Nora Building also offers Soda Blasting and Sand Blasting. A practical and environmentally friendly way to restore your property without damaging it.

We offer a team of painters and decorators with skills to enhance, protect, and increase the market value of your property.

All of Nora Building‘s members are employees – not subcontractors and provide professional quality work.

Nora Building offers quality work results and many years of experience, including extensive product knowledge to help you decide on the right colours and materials for your buildings.


What can we do for you?


The way your home interior looks can have a great impact on your lifestyle.


Exterior design and consistence is first thing people notices before entering to the building itself.


Wallpapering can be a practical and more visually pleasing alternative to painting.

Woodwork paint

Woodwork is perfect choice for charming and cozy building, both for indoors and outdoors.


Brush Painting can be difficult and tedious when painting large surfaces.