Stone cleaning

stonecleaning_02 a-rock-garden-border

Stone Surfaces are a nuisance to take care off. As times passes the outdoor weather will not let you escape the aging and moss covering of any of your stone surfaces.  And polishing and washing stone surfaces  can be a lot of work  if you want them to look like new and sometimes really old surfaces are almost impossible to clean.

Nora building gets rid of all these troubles by simply cleaning the stone surfaces with sand blasting or soda blasting. With our professional blasting services not only will we be able to clean large surfaces of stone without damaging it we will do it much faster than you might think. Also Soda or Sand blasting allows an easy reach to small spaces and cracks that might be hard to reach by scrubbing and cleaning.

Blasting is a much safer, more time efficient and overall easier way to clean your stone surfaces.