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As professional decorators at Nora Building LTD we have gained a well established reputation delivering quality service customers within the sector.

We provide painting services to commercial, business and individual customers. Our directly employed professionals undertake every project with understanding, knowledge and quality in mind.

Our services range from general painting, staining and wall paper hanging to soda blasting and redecorating.
We tackle projects ranging from pubs, homes, to hotels, offices etc. The contractors on site provide professional quality work whilst trying not to disrupt daily normal operations on the site.

We offer a vast selection and detailed knowledge of colours and materials and will help you choose the look that best suits your demands.

Nora Building LTD is fast growing company based in London and work with clients throughout the city and surrounding areas to deliver quality service where needed.

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Painting & Decorating services

Painting improves the aesthetic of a building and to protect it from damage by water, rust, corrosion, insects and mould.

French polishing

Nora building specialise in wide range of damage repairs, whether it would be chips, scratches or larger scale on-site spray solutions.


Everyone needs information on some projects that they want to start and nothing is better than information provided by experienced professionals.

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